Yay!! This is it! My very first blog.

If you haven’t picked up on it now, then I’m sure you will in time… I LOVE COLOR! Always have, always will. I have been called Skittles on several occasions. Hopefully, you see it as classy if you agree lol. Anyways, back to the main gist, I love color and patterns and everything creative and artsy. Correct me if I am wrong but over time, we have all been told what color ‘suits’ our skin tone or what texture of clothing to wear. Inasmuch as I do not disagree, I also do not agree which is why I refuse to be passive or cowardly about color and/or patterns.

I was thinking about what my first blog should be about and then I thought, why not about my first love; african prints?

So here goes, my outfit of the day. A paneled white shirt paired with a little spice, my kente straight leg pants.Β My pants, the infamous kente material from Ghana, was madeΒ by my seamstress in Nigeria (I know, the material has gone For added ‘skittle flavor’ I accessorized with red pumps and a red purse.

Here is a visual of my look, let me know what you think…



Top:Β @asos

Pants: Kente (fabric)

Shoes: @justfab

Clutch and Accessories: Vintage Stores





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