Hues, Prints & Accents

“ when in doubt, wear red and prints……”

It is always fun turning a basic look to something more bourgeoise. To amp up your basic, you could always accent with either a print and/or a bold color, like I did with my green bag. Not only does it tie your look together, but it also makes your basic pop and stand out. Get your amazonian mode on with this combination, it will be fun…

Furthermore, turban/headscarves are fun accessories to use. With my red jumpsuit, I used african tribal prints thus changing my look from a basic outfit to an African inspired look.



Jumpsuit: zara

Turban: Ankara Fabric

Sandals: Topshop

Belt: katespade

Bag: Alexander McQueen

Neckpiece: Nigerian Flea Market

Wristwatch: Marc by Marc Jacobs

P.S. If you’d like to know how this turban was tied, leave your comments below and I will do a post on that..



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