Month: October 2016

Kente Affair II

As individuals, we are faced daily with the insurmountable need to please: please ourselves, please others and it is even worse when it comes to fashion. We are questioned: Are you supposed to wear that? Do you really think you should wear that color and/or colors?  The answer is ,”Yes you can” (no political pun

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Bet on Burgundy…

It’s Fall season or so we hope as mother nature still hasn’t decided yet. Typically, during this season, we all shelve our summery clothes and dust out the dark colored regalia to wear and style as we may please. I try not to totally conform to trends however, to execute my first Fall look, I

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Chic Nomad…

This post is an off shot from the Northern part of Nigeria called the Fulani Tribe . The Fulani tribe pre-dominantly nomads are vested in animal husbandry, it can be said that the Fulanis’ are very captivating as they are culturally authentic . While migrating, these nomads protect themselves from sun burns by wearing hats and

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