Chic Nomad…

This post is an off shot from the Northern part of Nigeria called the Fulani Tribe . The Fulani tribe pre-dominantly nomads are vested in animal husbandry, it can be said that the Fulanis’ are very captivating as they are culturally authentic . While migrating, these nomads protect themselves from sun burns by wearing hats and also ensuring their bodies are well ventilated hence the baggy crop top and baggy pants and wraps.

Paying homage to this culture, I took the Fulani look and made it something much more modern. So, it doesn’t matter whatever the style you feel most comfortable in, you cannot go wrong with this ensemble. It is stylishly cool and chic.



Hat: asos

Neckpiece: h&m

Crop Top: asos

 Pants: zara

Purse: Ivanka Trump


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