Kente Affair II

As individuals, we are faced daily with the insurmountable need to please: please ourselves, please others and it is even worse when it comes to fashion. We are questioned: Are you supposed to wear that? Do you really think you should wear that color and/or colors?  The answer is ,”Yes you can” (no political pun intended). It is true that body sizes vary however, there is very little that all sizes cannot wear inasmuch as we downplay the flaws and exaggerate our strongest features.

Interestingly enough, my body frame is a combination of the Pear shape (triangle upward) and the Apple shape (triangle downward). In other words, sometimes I look like Johnny Bravo (everyone remembers that cartoon right?) and other times, I look like well, a pear. Not that that’s a bad thing.

Anyways, each time we put on an article of clothing, we are showcasing our personalities and backgrounds to the world. I choose to identify with “Africentricism” which is rich and vibrant. Like in my first post, I recycled the popular Ghanian inspired fabric Kente for my shift dress. This outfit’s comfortability and fluidity makes it easy for one to wear to any event. Enjoy!!











Kente Shift Dress by @pimpcollections

Shoes: Steve Madden

Purse: Vintage Store

Jewelry: Nigerian Flea Market

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