Naturally Unapologetic…

Apologize for what? Apologize to whom?

I represent who I am and whom I want to be

I will wear what I want, how I want, where I want without answering to you

I am black! I am thick!! I am beautiful!!!

I am whatever the hell I say I am

I will do what pleases me and God help me enjoy the shit out of it 
even if, especially it makes you uncomfortable

I will embody my personality in my style and take with me everywhere I go 
my colors, my patterns and yes my natural!!

Disclaimer: Today’s post style is different and even if it is a departure from the usual, I felt this medium would better express my current mood as I truly wanted to convey certain things some of us have allowed ourselves to forget. Besides, what better way to flaunt my poetry writing skills..🙃🙃 (insert needy job candidate application..lol)






Cold Shoulder top: @pimpcollections

Culottes: Asos

Sandals: Zara

Purse: Forever21

Jewelry: Nigerian Gold merchant




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