K.I.S.S Keep It Stylishly Simple…

So, Fall has finally “fallen” upon us albeit some random butt freezing days☃️☃️. In retrospect, I decided to do a fall/preppy/eccentric inspired look. This outfit is so eccentric and yet so simple, I am looooving it. It may not have necessarily been my to go choice in mixology but I loved channeling its eccentricity during this shoot and my rendezvous.

I have been told that style and fashion is fluid hence whatever category we think we belong such as the “Boho”, ” Office chic”, “Grunge”, we can always incorporate these diverse styles to make ours’ unique. I embraced my eccentricity today and mixed floral with a geometric pattern and yes burgundy tights (its Fall after all😉) and I had fun.

Embrace your eccentricity, you are gonna love it!!














Top: Joe Fresh

Skirt: Asos

Tights: H&M

Shoes: Nine West

Bag: Aldo

Eyewear: Miu Miu

Belt: Kate Spade

Wristwatch: Michael Kors

In other news, I really don’t like wearing earrings even if ironically, I have two sets of Ear holes so, you will be seeing a lot of that. Disclaimer! Disclaimer!! Disclaimer!!! 


3 thoughts on “K.I.S.S Keep It Stylishly Simple…

  1. Probably my fav set of pics to date. I love the look and this screams Fall season to me.

    P.S. First!!!

    P.S.S Thanks for the disclaimer buuutttttt you look lovely with earrings on stubborn girl lol

    Liked by 1 person

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