FIGUREtively Speaking…

“There is no wrong way to have a body” – Glenn Maria

Before a lightbulb moment where I knew what direction to take with this photoshoot, I had literally no idea what to write. In bed this rainy morning, I love the smell of rain as it hits the ground and almost rot leaves, the reassured calmness almost like God and Mother Nature whispering “Everything will be fine”.. LOL I derail.. Anyways, in bed, reminiscing about my yesteryears and my evolution over time living in Nigeria, Africa and now the United States gave me insight into today’s post.

As African, from birth we are molded to adapt to the different dynamics each day holds without fear. “Don’t shed a tear ” they will say, it makes you a crybaby. Overtime, we then adopt several mechanisms to be stronger adolescents, mine was being a tomboy (small wonder). I was a tomboy in high school through my early years in college. Being a tomboy helped me hide, my insecurities and fears neatly tucked away in baggy clothes. I wasn’t sure if I was pretty or presentable enough. I was not sure if I was enough.

In my short journey of life, associating with positive influences, I have gone from the slouching non-confident gal to a big-boned, curvy swan, pouch and all 😁 😁. Talking about pouches, EMBRACE YOUR POUCH!! I was looking at some of these pictures and I was tempted o so tempted to edit them and then I thought, that won’t be all of me. So to my fellow Queens, whatever size and frame, embrace all of you and if you want to change something you do not like, work towards that. I for one since this shoot, have been crunching the hell out of my tummy. LOL

“Of all our investments, our bodies are the greatest investment”









Top: Forever21

Leather Skirt: Asos

Jacket: Asos

Shoe: Aldo

Bag: Aldo

Accessories: Claires

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