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Summertime Prism…

DISCLAIMER: High possibility of getting annoyed and then being throughly amused.😬

What does one wear to the beach? Is there any right or wrong outfit to the beach?

I know I know.. Its winter in New York but I couldnt help myself. I miss the heat!! So, for my first travel blog post, I am posting a picture that is dear to me but has instigated so many arguments between myself and my friends and family. Let me get it out there, inasmuch as I love and cherish my skin tone, I hate getting sun tanned so, beach day for me is enjoying the melodious waves as they hit the shore but under the comfort of an umbrella, sipping a drink, and reading a good book . I do not necessarily expose too much or in less extreme cases, flaunt my curvy body in a bathing suit.😉







Spring break ’15, my friend and I decided on going to Tampa, Florida, which is a beautiful city. I must confess, the southern hospitality, the serenity, the lure of the go easy life was completely different from the hustle and grind vibe of New York. Our first stop was Clearwater Beach Island and like the name suggests, the water was clear and even the beach sand was so clean. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and kinda wished I had brought something shorter😉😉.

Here goes nothing. Comment below on your point of view as to what to wear to the beach..

Lace Top: Asos (similar)

Skirt: Nigerian Made @julianders

Belt: Vintage Store

Sunglasses: Tom Ford

Hat: Asos (similar)

Bag: Dooney & Bourke

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