A Pastel Christmas…

Merry Christmas!! Happy Holidays!!! Happy Hanukkah!!!

It’s a season to be Jolly and Unique..

Since we all have better things to do like annoy our family and friends and exchange gifts, this will be quick. I promise.. 😋 This holiday season, I will be posting various outfits that I enjoyed putting together.

In the bid to think outside the box, for my first look, I went for colors that were more fun than “holiday” appropriate (whatever that means). This is a winning look for those of us that still have the “not mandatory but mandatory” holiday events. This outfit is probably the coziest and warmest of the bunch.

Enjoy the eggnog and make sure to tweak this outfit to suit your personality whichever way you might like.😉









Cardigan: Loft

Cable Knit Skirt: Asos

Jacket: Asos

Shoes: Zara

Purse: Ivanka Trump

Neckpiece: Aldo

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