Month: January 2017

Bra or Bikini…

Vacations are always something to look forward to. A vacation be it “mini”, “midi” or “maxi” is always a production for me. I get so determined and creative about what to wear and how to wear it and then down the line, get anxious and frustrated if they do not turn out the way I

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Denim December…

As fashion connoisseurs, we know that like the infamous LBD, no closet is complete without denim. Denim in the fashion industry has become so relevant because of its resilient nature and its ability to continue reinventing itself. From the regular straight leg to the bootcut to high waisted and now the culottes and shredded hem line jeans,

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Color Me Afrique…

Color is such an intriguing medium of expression, self love and beauty, hence, fashion enthusiasts commit to the art of display, “marketing” their point of view through the spectrum of color. Color gives us the ease to be whomever we want to be, channeling different eras and moods into an outfit. Since my childhood days, my love for colors

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