Color Me Afrique…

Color is such an intriguing medium of expression, self love and beauty, hence, fashion enthusiasts commit to the art of display, “marketing” their point of view through the spectrum of color. Color gives us the ease to be whomever we want to be, channeling different eras and moods into an outfit.

Since my childhood days, my love for colors and prints have been unwavering which could also have been because of my rich cultural heritage (ask any Anyways, I love what colors represent and I stand by the boldness and beauty of all colors. This is my African infused take on casual wear for the winter. The day was dreary but the model in me could not be defeated by Mother

Fashion is like lingerie, very intricate and delicate but also strong and a sight to behold.- Mimi Blaque









Romper: Asos

Jacket: @pimpcollections

Belt: Ralph Lauren

Bag: Zara

Boots: Franco Sarto

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