Remember who you are is a constant chant in my household. Every time I was leaving for boarding school, my father always sent me off with those parting words. Fast forward to my current life, there has been a lot happening to me, breaking me to my most vulnerable but also building me to my strongest. When people say “thank God we don’t look like what we are going through”, just know that there’s a battle of Mind over Matter constantly fought and pray with them that they emerge victorious.

I am a Warrior, constantly at war with the tribulations of life but importantly at war with the greatest critique man could have “myself”. I am bound by my faith to make sure I succeed in the path I have created for myself but with the help of God, I have overcome can I just say blessed.
So instead of saying “I am hanging in there” when asked how I am doing, I just say “I am swimming”. God has wrapped me in this warm sheath of his Infinite love thereby encouraging me to keep PUSHing (Pray Until Something Happens). He has shown me that he will never forsake me but he will guide me to my expected end.

Oh, The places you’ll go Ife, just remain consistent and prayerful and you will do just fine, infact better than fine, great. So, whenever you feel depressed or sad or not even worthy, remember where you have come from and remember where you are going. Reflect on Alis Volat Propriis hopefully , that reminds you of how strong you have become despite travails.

You got this!!!






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