Date Night…

It is no news that I am a bonafide jumpsuit loyalist. I love them!! Not only are they an easy outfit pick as they flatter my body type but they are also very flexible for one to wear whichever way they want to. Today’s pick was a little tricky because of the cold shoulder design (I have broad shoulders) but I made it work, balancing my upper body with a shroud hence giving my body dimension and wearing a pop of color on my feet to give the illusion of length.

This outfit can be worn anywhere depending on the accessories one uses. You can either make it luxe or causal.. So, queens go get your jumpsuits and do not be afraid of wearing jumpsuits. It’s a girl’s best friend..












Jumpsuit: Asos

Fur Shroud: Loft

Shoes: Steve Madden

3D Flower Clutch: Asos

Bangles: MantraBands

Rings: Local Boutique










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