Green It On…

According to the weather reports, spring came 3 weeks early, not that I am complaining, but I wish I had more time to really enjoy the cool air against my skin and more importantly, time to explore winter outfit ideas, till next year then..

Anyways, to commemorate the early passing of our dear winter lol, I decided to do a juxtaposed look of both winter and spring.(I heard Green is the official color for this spring). Although, there is no love lost between the color Green and I (insert Nigerian boarding school flashbacks) however, Green is a color that if worn right can be a great addition to your closet.

Furthermore, one has to bear in mind the importance of length when layering. The need for balancing your body to create a longer torso cannot be emphasized enough. We should take special care to pair the right length of skirt or pants with the right length of jacket or blazer so it does not cut the body in an unflattering manner.







Top: H&M (Similar)

Infinity Scarf: (Similar)

Skirt: Boohoo

Jacket: Asos

Shoes: Zara (Similar)



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