Brown Sugar…

A woman’s face with nature’s own hand painted,
Hast thou, the master mistress of my passion;
A woman’s gentle heart, but not acquainted
With shifting change, as is false women’s fashion:
An eye more bright than theirs, less false in rolling,
Gilding the object whereupon it gazeth;
A man in hue all hues in his controlling,
Which steals men’s eyes and women’s souls amazeth.
And for a woman wert thou first created;
Till Nature, as she wrought thee, fell a-doting,
And by addition me of thee defeated,
By adding one thing to my purpose nothing.
But since she prick’d thee out for women’s pleasure,
Mine be thy love and thy love’s use their treasure.

– William Shakespeare

This post is very impromptu hence it wouldn’t be the usual fashion/style post . This post is a nod to the entirety of the African woman, an acknowledgement of the women we are and the Queens we want to be. Over the years, I have become so preoccupied with finding myself and being the “total package” that I didn’t know when it affected my outlook. I became the “No” face girl, I stopped smiling and had almost forgotten how to…until recently.

This is for everyone out there, no matter what you are going through, Smile, Laugh, Dance, be the most fun you can ever be irrespective of what others think or say besides, who said being the life of the party would diminish your unique essence.

You know that “Wonder Woman”feeling of conquering the world when your hair slays..lol

P.S. I promise to do a post on this look as soon as I can..






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