Sunny Stripes

Since Mother Nature has decided to keep acting like a heartbroken lover 🙄, I am just going to soak up some sun by proxy from my  birthday trip to Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is such a beautiful place with so much authenticity that is very endearing and charming. I must say that this was one trip I thoroughly enjoyed ; the people, the drinks (story for another day), the language, everything was just perfect. On this day, we visited Paseo de la Princesa and Catano, its majestic beauty is something to behold (none of my pictures do it justice) but its juxtaposition of  enthrallment, awe and intimidation reins you in.

Back to style, I wanted to wear something cute but also free enough to enable movement and my go to style was a romper which I got from an online boutique. I like this look alot because it accentuates my body frame and skin tone. I know stripes can be daunting for bigger framed people because it can be unflattering however, the trick is to wear stripes vertically which will automatically give the wearer a slimmer silhouette.








Hat: Asos (Similar)

Romper: Trumpet Jewels

Bag: Aldo

Shoes: Sam Edelman


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