Purple Royale…

It is no secret that Nigerians go all out and more for weddings, flamboyancy runs in our blood I would say 😊. Every Nigerian knows the unwritten rule for occasions “Thou shalt look your best at a gathering ” hence we all dress the part and make sure we do our culture proud no matter what. I love it though πŸ˜‹

Although, being the “perfect” wedding guest can be exhausting because not only are you looking for the silhouette that nods to your aesthetic but also representative of the wedding theme, we should endeavorΒ not loose sight of the in-between. Have fun in your process, from preparation to execution. I certainly did for mine..

So Queens, for the next wedding or event, remember, enjoy the process…








Lace Blouse: Century 21

Skirt: Bespoke Clothing

Clutch: Boohoo (Similiar)

Bracelet: Mantrabands




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