Call it Spring???

As an unofficial weather reporter, I have watched Mother Nature go crazy with the seasons and can officially state that the US weather can be likened to the infamous British weather (very unpredictable). Is that a good thing? I will leave that to you to decide.

I on the other hand try to take advantage of whatever season we are currently experiencing and maximize the beauty in the pseudo Spring/Summer. I mean what other way to adequately utilize the hottest Spring I have ever experienced. I automatically picked out my newest color palette : dusty pink or brick pink whichever way you want to identify the color and did a photoshoot, need I say more.😁

I digress, this look is very important to me because it combines the tomboy I have been with the chic style I am currently leaning towards. I took the Uptown girl approach for this outfit hence the heels however, this look is very versatile so there is nothing to worry about.

P.S. Can we all say a big Amen to the creative curators of the bomber jacket.. It is a must have one cannot go wrong with so, go out this wonderful spring and rock your bomber jacket whichever way you flipping want!!! 🤗














Bomber Jacket Co-ord: Asos

Pants Co-ord : Asos

Shoes: Aldo

Accessories: H&M (Similar)

Bracelets: Mantrabands



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