Pink Dusk…

Just yesterday, I was going to write this whole epistle about how perfect the weather is, tempting us to bare our shoulders and wear pastels.. Well, I TAKE IT BACK.. It is Winter all over again. You step out in New York and pray to God that you are neither over dressed nor under dressed… What a mess! At the rate Mother Nature is going, one should just be content enjoying warmer seasons telepathically. Anyways, the calendar says its Spring so Spring it is!!

Where was I? ha!! Yes!! Pastels and off-shoulders… Pastel colors and off- shoulders are  perfect picks for Spring themed shenanigans. Furthermore, pairing this palette and style  with neutrals creates a dainty look that is just right. Since Dusty Pinks are my favorite right now, I did a casual look and I like the juxtaposition, the color is very sweet yet exudes a certain sense of maturity.

P.S . I lost a war I had no business fighting on this day… The wind and I fought throughout this shoot, lets just say the wind won hence the hair blown pictures..







Top: Century 21

Jeans: H&M

Shoes: Aldo (Other Options)

Purse: Local Boutique

Accessories: Aldo (Similar)




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