Beauty & The Bricks…

Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it… _ Confucius

This isn’t the way this post was supposed to go however, when I was editing my pictures, I had a lightbulb moment and decided to go with my hunch, hopefully this changes someone’s perspective about certain things. Ever noticed that we always undermine unconventional beauty? It’s either we don’t get it or aren’t patient enough to understand it.

When I did this shoot, I wanted to take a risk and go with a paradoxical background (a background contrary to my look). I was so excited to do this shoot but the feedback I got from people who were privy to the pictures was not encouraging. In their own words, they didn’t see the beauty in any of the shots.

This was an eye opener for me because not only did I realize that the subject of beauty is relative to the individual, I also understood really for the first time that there is no such thing as ugly just beautiful in its own way. lol. I took two risks that day, doing a fashion shoot in a place that wouldn’t be my first choice and wearing articles of clothing that are fashion non-grata for the big boned. I took the plunge and wore big pants with an even bigger jacket. As opposed to the infamous myth of us looking amorphous or hiding something, I felt utterly comfortable and beautiful.

I challenged myself and I am happy with the result …This is my paradoxical shoot… Morale of the lesson: Lets appreciate beauty in everything ,the ugly beautiful or whatever we want to call it. Also, for my plus size Queens, you will never know until you have tried so take that fashion/style plunge today, trust me it would be worth it.

P.S. I like this silhouette so I am going to be keeping it and revamping it whichever way I can. Who says wearing big clothes are a defense mechanism or unflattering…







Kimono: Forever 21

Blouse: H&M

Pants: Boohoo

Sandals: Asos (Similar) 


  • Mrs. Tracy

    Hey I like the outfit!! But I love anything with wide legs so you may have ignore me. However in years of living on this earth. I would always base my opinion on what was pretty from my Mother and her sisters. It took me years until I learned that I could wear red and I would not look awful. My Mom always said that dark skin people didn’t look good in red or any bright colors. My best friend which is a male was the one who ask me why did I always wear dark colors? When I started adding colors to my wardrobe he went crazy. But I love the pictures and you are wearing the outfit!! Do it!

    • mimiblaque

      Lol. Nope I completely understand besides whatever you say matters to me. Its pretty hard to look at ourselves from our own perspective rather we rely on others to judge us or take a look into our lives for guidance. I am so glad that you are coming into your own.. Red amongst other colors is a rich and beautiful color to wear. Also, you are a BLACK QUEEN, there’s no stopping a Queen. Get creative and send me pictures.😙😉

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