Print Romance…

Whether we like it or not, our outfits introduce us to the world before we even open our mouths or have the opportunity to defend our character. Color, prints and patterns and clothes with pockets make me happy, literally.. lol.. My love for color has been chastised on numerous occasions but I refuse to conform to people’s ideas of how my closet should look. Bold prints and colors are my arsenal to really express myself and even though certain people might see color as a need for attention, I see color as a true medium of self expression followed closely by self confidence.

This is a loving chide to the QUEENS out there, being stylish is not a chore, learn to relax and have fun dressing up. People are always going to keep having opinions about how you should look, act or seem. Ignore those voices and follow your instinct. Don’t be afraid to wear color or bold prints or even try out a different silhouette, you never know, you might be pleasantly surprised.

I am no expert but going full throttle with your imagination in this regard is very invigorating and it also triggers some kind of self confidence and self appreciation.







Ankara Set: @kiksplace

Shoes: Just Fab (Similar)

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