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This post isn’t really a fashion post, its a short but memorable recount of my experience in California. As a  New Yorker, I have become so used to seeing grim faces and people always in a hurry (Only God knows why) lol so, any opportunity to leave for a couple of days is jumped upon. Opportunity presented itself in the form of a birthday getaway for a good friend of mine thus, we decided to celebrate away from New York’s wahala.

California is really beautiful and almost serene, I say that because we know that Cali as it is fondly called is the  Mecca of the Reel however, its city’s craziness was adequately balanced with the lull of the suburb and beaches. We didn’t have enough time to visit everywhere we wanted but the places we visited, we made it count. From playing tag at the Citywalk water fountain to climbing the very long hill so we could take a picture of the Hollywood sign. I must say,  I throughly enjoyed myself.  O, by the way, I got to visit The Playboy Mansion, ok, couldn’t get in but it was fun watching people drive in and out though.. lol


DSC_0059Rain Room





Urban Lights




Johnny Deep on a dime…


In other news, it is best you dress comfortably. My go to for trips are shorts because not only do they fit me properly, I don’t have to worry about my outfit for the rest of the day. Thanks girls for making this trip count 😍….

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