All Fun and Stripes…

A picture says a thousand words. It captures the bumps, lumps, curves and insecurities of its subject however, in that beautifully flawed moment, our beauty and strength surfaces.

Stripes can be tricky however they are a nice addition to your closet if combined properly. Stripes are also very versatile for all kinds of looks and silhouette, I made this a 2 in 1 look changing the shoes and hat.. These are my happy go lucky looks, both looks are reminiscent of stylesΒ that cut across my aesthetic, they are very comfortable and also street chic…

For my plus Queens, be careful about length especially for the mini skirt, your miniskirts should be long enough to cover the subject matter but short enough to keep it interesting…πŸ˜‰








Black Hat: H&M

Nude Hat: Asos

Off-Shoulder Top: Boohoo (Similar)

Leather Skirt: Boohoo

Ballerina Flats: Zara

Sandals: Local Boutique

Bag: Chanel


7 thoughts on “All Fun and Stripes…

  1. I like it!! You did that. True statement about the length of the skirt. If you have to bend over or anything you can moon everybody!! Pretty lady! Work it.


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