Femme Naturale…

More often than not, we find ourselves being apologetic for just being us. We apologize from a spectrum of things : vital to inconsequential. I do not condone rudeness nor disrespect however, I am all for people taking a stand for what they truly believe and who they truly are.

My name is Ife, I am from Nigeria, West Africa. I AM A BLACK, PLUS SIZE ENTREPRENEUR WHO STILL LOVES HER ICE-CREAM AS MUCH AS SHE LOVES FASHION. I love the size that I am in right now, I love the skin that I represent and the race I symbolize.. I love my smarts and I won’t apologize for being any of those things.

I think society ought to help build and empower us all unfortunately, that is not the case hence, the mantra, I AM EVERY WOMAN. I am the woman who loves her natural hair but also her weaves. The woman who isn’t a commercialized idea of society’s ideal but a powerful medium of Africa’s richness in color, elegance and class.











Ankara Off-shoulder: @msbehwarjy

Neckpiece: Gemstones Gallery

Sandals: Topshop

Bag: Century 21


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