Pastel Fever…

Summer is here!!! Finally…

Along with summer comes the breezy clothes and candy colors that I love so much but what happens when you don’t want to look too breezy (which we have enough time for) but add some edge to your look?  I wanted something raw and decided a play with my natural fro would do the trick so I styled it as a mohawk to give my outfit an edgier personality which worked mighty fine because I felt instantly strong and warrior like. You know that amazonian feeling when you are all dressed and you feel like you are your own muse with life’s sole purpose of a 1000 selfies?lol… That was how I felt…

In addition, contrary to myths about full figure style, white pants can be styled easily depending on your aesthetic. I paired mine with pastel tones a play on my warrior like neckpiece and hair thus balancing the look and not coming off as trying too hard. I personally like this outfit because it is a play on how I feel most of the time, strong but delicate. Summer style is what we make it to be so while I personally enjoy pastel seasons, you can wear whatever you want to as long as it makes you feel beautiful.

It is that season Queens, go out there smell the roses or tulips or orchids (whatever people smell these days) and enjoy the sunlight.









Top: Boohoo

Neckpiece: Gemstones Gallery

Pants: Old Navy

Shoes: Asos

Purse: Boohoo



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