The Peplum…

As opposed to common belief, peplums aren’t every curvy girl’s best friend. Most of them don’t really hide the “problem areas” as much we would want them to. Over the years, peplums and I have had a love hate relationship, the waist line wouldn’t hug me properly and the peplum itself always felt like it was trying too hard however, over time we have reached an understanding  and it works beautifully with my frame.

If I may say so, out of all the silhouettes in my closet, the peplum is one that always stays in trend. Its silhouette is extremely versatile in terms of how it can be styled: pants, skirts or shorts and it is perfect for all occasions and seasons. Since it is summer, I decided to pair my peplum top with white pants to create a balance for the vibrant top and it turned out fabulous.🙂

Tip: Remember, your styles are only as limited as your imagination. I had mine custom made so I could creatively design my sleeves. The options are literally endless!







Choker: @gemstonesgallery

Peplum Blouse: @yetfemdesigns

White Pants: Old Navy

Pumps: Steve Madden (Similar)


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