By all standards and definitions, a hero is a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements and/or noble qualities however, in this present day society, this definition isn’t as gender neutral as one would expect hence, women in the bid to take back their awesomeness have coined  their own term Shero (a perfect blend of she as a pronoun and hero) beautiful right..

For plus size Queens, this is very personal to us because everyday is a challenge which we overcome victoriously. We are challenged to face people who do not understand why we are happy with our size, people who want to categorize us, stereotypical minded people, the list is endless. Not too long ago, I was told I was “too big” to do a particular task, apparently my plus body is distracting which from her perspective did not make me professional enough. This is my reality, people will never “get it” and they will still see you as less than what you are.

To conclude, always remember that size is not a modifier for the human that you are or will become neither is it a hindrance to your awesomeness and accomplishments. BE YOUR OWN SHERO…_MG_2374







Top: River Island

Pants: Zara

Bag: Aldo

Sandals: Local Boutique

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