Take the Plunge…

Red is one of my favorite colors, it always has been. Its a hue that is both flattering and enhancing for all shades. It is a perfect transition from summer to fall depending on your accessories, it could actually be the perfect go-to for your closet. You all know that I am about piecing western and traditional pieces to make an outfit so this look is my forte. I recently wore this outfit to a showcase during NYFW and it was a good pick because people appreciated the combination of a solid red with the demure pattern of my Ankara pants. This colors works even for the winter (Hello Christmas!!).

Furthermore, this silhouette looks amazing on everyone and the added sleeves on the off shoulder blouse gives the look some sort of sophistication. I repeated this pants giving it a totally different look from the previous outfit.

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 This silhouette is the perfect balance of sexy and sophisticated which fits my style aesthetic. This outfit fits all body frames which is perfect for plus sized, fluctuating bodies and slimmer frames.





Blouse: Asos

Pants: @kiksplace

Shoes: Zara

Hat: Asos



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