Aso-ebi Reloaded…

As a proud initiate of one of the largest Yoruba families I know, I am always invited to various family occasions which obviously come with aso-ebi. Unfortunately, these beautiful outfits are relegated to the back and rendered useless after the event. Take last year for example,  for a cousins’s wedding, I was given this beautiful burgundy lace for aso-ebi,  I sewed a wide leg jumpsuit (no surprise there) primarily because when it comes to Yoruba events, comfortable is key but so also is sophistication and what better way than a jumpsuit however, despite the fact that I loved this piece, I didn’t wear it for a whole year until I had another event and I wanted to wear burgundy.

Most of the time, our creativity is stifled when it comes to revamping our already worn clothes or worse aso-ebi probably because of color and texture choice. This is a common problem that can be easily fixed. For this look, I matched two items of clothing that I have worn to weddings.

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I simply tucked the upper bodice of my jumpsuit and paired it with an off shoulder top and voila a different look was created. Let me know which you prefer.

Check out Purple Royale







Lace Blouse: Century 21

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