Admittedly, after a while our personal style reaches a certain plateau and it seems monotonous and boring  where we aren’t excited about our clothes or even bother about revamping them. I have been there and it sucks hence the need to experiment with other style groups. I have experimented with different style categories but the one I usually revert to when I need a change is the boho style.

The Boho look is very unique and when properly executed, chic and stylish. Whilst the boho style might look lax and easy to put together, it is the exact opposite because the look is in the details.

For me, I intertwined a little of both my default style which is the office chic with the bohemian style bearing in the mind the current chilly season. Balancing the maxi skirt I got for a steal at @nyandcompany with ankle boots was a good call because it gave the exact casual boho look I was going for. With this look, I took chances as I hardly pair my maxi skirts with boots but it worked and I couldn’t be more pleased.

Conclusively, this look is perfect for causal outings and can be transitioned into a night look with the right thigh highs and no one has to worry about the chills because it is a very warm material.






Maxi Skirt: New York & Company

Boots: Aldo

Customised Clutch: babyroz_boutique

Tshirt: OK Africa

P.S. Thank you @babyroz_boutique for my clutch..Love love it..


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