Winter Darks…

Fashion is so fast paced that keeping up is near impossible but not style, style is the true definition of ones personality and since style is about utilizing the best of us, we are urged to challenge ourselves and continuously improve our style. As I have repeated over, I love the fluidity of style and I always encourage creativity, innovation and style fun.

For this look, I totally stepped out of my comfort zone in both silhouette and hues. I usually pair dark tones with lighter or neutral shades to compliment the darks so combining only two colors in the dark spectrum was a first for me which surprisingly, I enjoyed because of the richness of their color: very flattering for all skin tones and perfect for the current weather.

As for the actual outfit, while I am into the experimentation of shape, I wasn’t so wowed by this silhouette, the tent like structure of this mesh overlay/suspender dress is very tricky and if one isn’t careful, it could exaggerate features you actually want minimized. That being said, I am willing to try this  silhouette again and maybe make it more dressy to elevate the outfit. _MG_0235








Boots: Steve Madden

Sheer Dress: Asos

Bag: Aldo

Hat: H&M (Can be bought at your local store)


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