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My Five Must Haves For Every Trip..

It is holiday season and aren’t we all joyous about another reason to rest and socialize. I am and every time, I cant wait to relax and meet family and friends and sometimes, explore new places.

So, whether you are a constant or occasional traveler, we get stuck on what to take to our destinations and back. Confession; I am not a light traveler and trust me I have tried, I am hopeless in that regard hence I have focused on smart packing ideas. However, for this post, I will be focusing on items that make me really happy/comfortable whenever I bring them with me. Here are my absolute five must-haves for the traveler:

HATS: My all time favorite. No matter where I go, I always take a couple of hats with me. They are the perfect accessory for any outfit and are a constant outfit elevation. If you are anything like me, terrible hair days are very close in between, so I always need an accessory that will both cover my hair and elevate my look.


SUNGLASSES: You can’t tell me anything when I have my shades on. Framed properly on my face and I am serving looks even without makeup on. Sunglasses are a must have for trips not only do they shade my eyes from the scorching sun, I can also get away with bare face outings.

The Socialite…

RED LIPPIES: What’s a girl without red lippies? Regardless of the fact that I love red and wear red, red lipsticks or lip glass are perfect for every skin tone. It makes my skin pop while giving me a sophisticated look without trying too hard. Red lipsticks are very common so  you will always find one in your price point.

PERFUME: Appearance is everything, so is scent. Since we cannot bring all our jars and bottles of perfumes, I always carry with me, refillable travel sprays of my favorite scent. These refillable sprays are perfect for carry-ons or a purse and are easy to pump fragrance into.

HOUSE SLIPPERS: Last but not least, I can not be pried away from this one. No matter where I am going or how long I will be there, I always take my comfortable house slippers with me. They remind me of home, very warm and are very practical to be worn within the vicinity of the hotel.

Thats it folks! Hope you found some good tips for your next trip or even better discovered certain things you realize you always have with you when you travel. Let me know in the comment section what are you five Must-Haves when traveling.



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