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With the weather getting warmer and trips being planned for Spring and Summer, I can rely on one of my favorite looks: the romper. On any given day, rompers and jumpsuits are my first choice for style however, add a trip into the equation and you start leaning into outfits that are comfortable but definitely chic. Rompers are both generic but also individualistic in the sense that you can always choose rompers that are your style even though we all know they are stylish onesies. lol.

This particular romper is an instant head-turner, with its pretty ruffles and leafy print. Although, the silhouette is more tailored to a less curvy shape, it still worked for me because the shape is relaxed. If you are getting sporty vibes from this look, its deliberate because I wanted to do a lot of walking on this day so sporty causal was my go to however, this look is versatile and can be dressed up with heels and a jacket. 





Visor: Amazon.com

Romper: Asos

Sneakers: Aldo

Ankara bag by Local Vendor

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