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Three wrong perceptions about curvy girls in swimwear…

I am very passionate about this subject because I have been told countless times that swimwear isn’t for curvy/curvier/voluptuous women. They say it doesn’t look right and it’s not tailored to our shape. I stand to disagree.

Whether bikinis, tankinis or one piece, every shape is beautiful and should be reverenced. So here, I listed three wrong perceptions about us in swimwear and also debunked them

If you will love us in clothes, love us out of them as well…


Cellulite: Who gives a damn. Although, cellulite might not be everyone’s cup of tea, it comes with the territory of being extra cushioned. They say they are nature’s guide to treasure. *wink



Flabby parts: I agree that some things that can be tucked should be tucked in order  to create a smoother look however, some of us can’t  just help that some parts of our body can’t be tucked expect through surgery such as our arms, thighs etc . Trust me we already feel self conscious bout that, just turn the other way.


The bolder the color, the bigger the whale: First of all, this is insulting but also this is a myth and since I am feeling strongly, a lie. Plus women can and should rock any color that they feel compliments their skin tone. Don’t be limited by societal’s standards.

In all of this, just remember fit is very essential. You have to get the right swimwear that flatters your body type.

Go enjoy the sun darlings…


Swimwear: Eloquii

Ankara Headscarf



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