Styled by NOLA…

Ever been to a city and you feel like you belong exactly there at that exact time? That was my experience with New Orleans, the culture is so rich and they are o so colorful I was immediately inspired to combine these outfit so I could fit right in. Initially, each piece was to be combined with other plainer outfits but NOLA gave me the confidence to wear color and go bold.


As you can see, every article of clothing is a distinct pattern however, this mix and match was successful because I played with the primary colors which were yellow and red hence creating a bold yet cohesive match. Also, to balance the severity of these patterns and colors, I opted for a neutral colored shoe which was also very understated so the focus could be about the outfit.


Now that it is warmer out, rediscover your playful and eccentric side. Play with colors and definitely try mixing patterns in your closet. You wont regret it.

FYI, these are all bespoke items so you need to do your homework getting the right fabrics and the right tailor or seamstress to sew your vision to perfection.



Bag: @ankarakonnect

Sneakers: Old (Old Navy)


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