On our first post on SFS by Mimi, I will be talking about maxi skirts. Maxi skirts have been relegated to the background and used more as a utility item than dress up.

This event I was supposed to attend was primarily causal and for some reason, I wanted to wear a maxi skirt which is very unlike me (I am more a romper, shorts kinda gal during summer). With that inspiration, I decided to look through websites to get a feel of how maxi skirts are being worn as trends are constantly on a continuous roll. Long story short, nothing was impressive and I even noticed that ladies didn’t wear maxi skirts like it was fun.It is really sad because maxi dresses can be very trendy and styled as the individual deems fit.

Style is fun and should be reflected in your outfits.

Maxi skirts can be worn either causally or upscale with heels.

I took the boyish route (been loving that look for a while now). Sporting sneakers and a fedora, I combined my maxi skirt with a rose nude bandeau and denim jacket.

Style tip: Whilst styling your maxi skirt, let it be the center of your outfit. It will guide you as to whether you want to dress it up or tone it down .





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