Co-ords for Summer…

Coming in hot this Summer are co-ords.  Co-ords, also known as “twin sets”, are matching tops and bottoms. I have always been a fan of twin sets because they are so easy to put on as oppose to rompers. With matching sets you don’t have to worry about combining other articles of clothing. One of the best things about Co-ords are that they are tailored for every shape and come in all kinds of silhouette. They also come in every color and/or prints imaginable, which is a plus.

Co-ords can either be casual, bohemian, edgy or dressy, depending on your current mood and how you want to translate your outfit. Just pair it with your favorite flats, pumps or leather jacket, and you are ready to for any occasion. Furthermore, with the heat, dressing up should not be one of your worries, so cop a few good ones from stores and/or online. You can check out stores such as Zara, Asos and Shopbop for some eye-catching and flattering pieces.


          Zara $160







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