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Taste of NOLA, the Creole City…

I have fallen in love three times: Once with a boy, the other time with myself and the last time with a city. NOLA is such a beautiful place, its full of creative surprises and opportunities. It smells and feels like one is in the renaissance era. New Orleans birthed by Mother Africa is adequately mixed with the French and Spanish culture. (whats not to love!)

As per the very southern lifestyle, everyone you meet is very warm and they are eager and excited to show you a bit of their culture and also hidden restaurants that have boat filled crab legs (The Original French Market & Bar)that only locals are aware of and the best corner-shop for pralines.  Currently nicknamed the Creole city, it is not out of place to see Creole food very much celebrated with its array of spices, flavor and perhaps too much sodium busting in your mouth. lol. All of these and more are you promised when you set foot in New Orleans.

When packing for NOLA, bear in mind that you will be doing more walking than usual so dress comfortably. From Bourbon street to Downtown NOLA, sneakers and/or ballet flats are your companion. Also, be throughly open-minded, residents are unapologetically eccentric and colorful; its a sight to behold.

French Quarters: If you don’t already stay there for your trip, is a place to visit.It houses so many antique stores and cute restaurants with food literally going off your plate. 

Bourbon Street: As the name implies has many clubs and lounges of varying target customers and you are promised beautiful jazz music and economically priced drinks of your choice.

Downtown NOLA: If you miss the city vibe and want a peach tea from Starbucks, Downtown like every other city offers you the pleasures of city life. The busy roads, the train, traffic and consistent noise jarring you back to active mode.

The French Market: Also known as the flea market is so full of both in- state and inter-state wonders. However, the one thing I picked up at NOLA that was a  little discouraging was that albeit ridiculously cheap food, merchandise was crazy expensive!! When you get over that, NOLA is a beautiful place to be entertained and also educated about their societal values.

I enjoyed window shopping as there there a lot of talents displaying their art varying from uniquely woven bags to painting on glass tiles with the smells of roasted corn permeating the air, its really beautiful.

Conclusively, NOLA is the get away place for creative minds who appreciate the authenticity of culture.P.S. Its also very picturesque so you can do no wrong whilst taking pictures.


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