With the advent of bodysuit, the art of tucking in has been on a steady decline amongst the feminine folk as some find it burdensome and sloppy . Nobody loves a smart silhouette more than me however, I personally feel that this art should still be in constant use by us all especially since we have the additional bonus of a flattering silhouette.

Contrary to modern opinion, tucking in isn’t for the elderly, neither is it “uncool”. Since this edition is focused on the Summer style, this is a great time to show off that waist and torso and even if you feel you don’t have any, don’t worry, we have a few tricks up our sleeves. 😉

All Tucked in: The front and back tuck is probably the oldest and seemingly professional but you can jazz it up with the pieces you are putting together. A graphic tee and paper bag waisted pants tucked in with a waterfall jacket doesn’t seem boring anymore now does it?

Half way Tuck: This one is the most fashion forward and perhaps trendiest of all tucks. Its two ways, tucked front and untucked back or splitting your top into two vertical halves so half is tucked whilst the other half isn’t. It gives your outfit a very chic style.  Best worn with a printed shirt, baggy/boyfriend jeans and heeled sandals.

Baggy Tuck: Perhaps my fave of all tucks. This is tucking in your blouse/tee/shirt but in a very careless manner. So it is tucked in but not fully. The trick here is subtle draping without the fear of looking sloppy.

That’s it folks !!!

If there are other ways one can tuck in fashionably, feel free to share.


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