As a young lady, one thing I have always known was that I was big-boned, bossy and different and that it was my own responsibility to channel these features of mine positively. Fast-forward to now at this current phase in my life and I can admit that I have attained a certain wisdom that helps me merge these prominent characteristics whilst still being unapologetically myself.

Today’s post is a “wilder” take on the regular office attire which by the way can also be a great ‘fit for outings that require you dressing up. Its no secret that I love wide leg pants and while there are so many options on wearing them, this is a more daring and stylish approach to spicing up your Summer style options.

As an inward triangle shaped person, there is the constant fear of clothes either not sitting right or your broad shoulders over exaggerated hence you looking like a hanger so I usually use my sizing proportions so my outfits are flattering on my figure.

I paired a black Zara wide leg pants with a red straight jacket and cinched in my waist with a belt so my upper torso is slimmed while the lower half of my body can be wide thereby giving the illusion of wider hips.To spruce up the outfit, I wore a black bralette to tie in with the black pants and also highlight the jacket and used Kari layered minimal jewelry from Stella & Dot so the colors aren’t overpowering.

This is my take on the plus office chic style. Whats yours?






Jacket: UK Thrift Store

Pants: Zara

Neckpiece: Stella & Dot

Bag: DIY

Belt: Asos (similar)

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