The Trend Mashup…

Fashion is like radio waves, it is always recirculating.

80’s fashion is back bringing in tow slinky glasses and waist pouches also known as fanny packs.

These pieces are literally everywhere and can be seen mostly on fashion enthusiasts and on social media such as Instagram with its many variations. While some are just downright ridiculous to me, a few have wormed their way into my closet (not that I am complaining) lol

Decided to do this mashup because dare I say that I haven’t really seen plus size girls rock it and I wanted to use this post to show how easy it is to put together and even add your style to this trend.

I paired a frayed distressed skirt from boohoo with a crested t-shirt that is a cute icebreaker and rocked it with shiny leather boots to give the street style vibe. Furthermore,  this look is versatile as it can be rocked with sandals or sneakers depending on what look you are going for.


T-shirt: Boohoo

Skirt: Boohoo

Waist Pouch: Boohoo

Boots: Aldo

Glasses: Boohoo

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