Fashion & Me

Contrary to what you might believe, I am still interested in the art of fashion, expressing myself through varying colors and silhouette. Yes, I have been MIA and I really feel I have to apologise for that . Life took over, not saying fashion isn’t part of my life but some things had to be set for me to go back to a true love that has and will always be around for me. So here goes: I AM SORRY!!!

My instagram bears me witness, lol. I have explored and experimented and I have come to the conclusion that I am very much interested in being in the front lines of one of my passions. Let’s enjoy this journey together!!

P.S. Over time, this blog will be transitioning into Lifestyle & Style . Style is fun and bright and beautiful but it’s just part of a whole. So, come along lets share stuff (you can trust me 😉) and learn while at it.

Happy New Year!!!



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