Love fits all…

In true fashion, Valentine Day is one of the most celebrated days in the globe. Everyone looks forward to this day as its an harbinger of many surprises equally pleasant and unpleasant . Amongst many things such as restaurant reservations, aligned schedules etc. The greatest and probably most exhausting question is ” What am I wearing?”

On regular days , we worry about what to wear talk more of this day where you want to look extra special for that romantic dinner, event and/or evening walk. Valentine’s day is probably the most romantic date on the calendar and whilst you want to look your prettiest, I have put together a look that’s comfortable and chic.

Cliche but everyone will be wearing some shade of red to symbolize the color of blood which flows through the heart to keep it alive (sorry!! geeked out on you guys). Anyways, if you don’t want to look cliche but still want to be able to catch the eye of your loved, here are two ways you can rock your valentine date without worrying about nip slips, the cold and those corns on your feet.

PINK is the new RED…
Glow in your bloom!!! Nothing wrong with mixing florals to make that statement look.
Culottes are the perfect way to still layer up and look trendy!!!
Touch of White is Magic!!! It makes your outfit pop and adds a class of style.

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