Four Ways to wear a trend

It’s no news that the latest fashion trends stir a crazy excitement every season and they change so fast that our wallets might have difficulties keeping up. So how do you get it right? How do you adapt to the trends? 

For example, the snake skin/print trend. This might be a little overwhelming for most because of its pattern however, I have put together ways you can rock trends.

In my opinion, looking chic and trendy at the same time means balancing your outfit so that it won’t look overdone and all the while creating a style that looks like you made an effort.

The 50/50 rule

You can combine trends with basics for example, pairing a basic outfit such as a plain tee when jeans and accessorizing it with the latest color of jacket and/or accessories.

Making the trend the focal point

Pick a trendy outfit/attire right now, the neon and make it the focal point. You can pair with other articles of clothing but don’t let the trend you want attention drawn to be lost

Trend Mashup

For the bold, you can combine a couple of trends to create an outfit. An example will be wearing a neon with a snake print and a waist belt.

Tonal Blocking/Monotone

This is my absolute favorite because there are no limitations as long as it is within that color spectrum. Tip: It makes picking and sorting outfits so much easier.

Now my darling royals, go ahead and strut your stuff!!!

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