Why I cut my hair…

Growing up in a community where hair is the ultimate check for beauty, I am constantly battling what society defines as beauty and what I feel is beautiful to me as an individual. Infact, the mere idea of cutting my hair might give my mum a shocker, with her clutching her chest wondering why her first daughter has decided to look like a boy. So coward me (or as any African child might say, wise me) decided to wait till I was very very far away from her fierce glances and unsolicited shade/jabs to finally do something I have always wanted to which is cut my hair. FYI, continents apart and she still threw shade when I sent her pictures (life of an African child).

Some people will want to believe or want to be told that there was a lot of serious reflection and processing that went into this decision but that is not the case here. I was stressed and I got so tired of thinking of the next day’s look and how to style my hair. And news flash, My hair was thinning and falling out from my lazy hair days and life!!! I had to do something and fast too hence the decision to cut my hair. I made up my mind that was the best solution and could not be persuaded against it.

This was a rebirth for me and I couldn’t feel sexier and stronger than I feel right now. I wanted a new start emotionally and physically and honestly I am glad I took this bold step.
This cut has given me more ‘spice” than I thought I had. I have defied the so called standard of what beauty is and I couldn’t have felt more beautiful than I do now. I realize that I am more spontaneous and bold than I have ever given myself credit for.

Furthermore, I find that I am inspiring not only myself but others about self confidence and beauty and even though I am lucky to wear this cut well, I am proud to say I am not nervous about the odd glances and/or stares here and there.
Right now, this is where I am, a bald Amazonian goddess from the Western part of Nigeria with her mother asking if she has wigs for “special occasions” and I couldn’t ask for anything better. Lol

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