OOTO (Outfit of the Occasion)

If you are looking for an outfit that describes me, this is it.

Most times for occasions, we are torn between looking our best for ourselves and looking our best for other people. Hence, everytime I dress up, I remember to include my personality in the outfit.

For an event last weekend, I wore this outfit and it’s one of my favorite looks ever.

I like the sleeves as they cover my least favorite part (my arms) and give an elongated illusion. The pope collar has always been my favorite , don’t ask me why as I don’t know.

The baby doll silhouette is my spirit silhouette. It enhances my smaller waist and showcases my legs (which are my selling point as well 😉)

Paired with a mustard colored sandals, a neutral toned crocheted tote and minimal jewelry and I am in Mimi heaven.

The best part about this entire outfit is it is less than $200!!!

What’s your Silhouette?





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