Every BODY is Beautiful (Project 5)

One of the joys of being a creative is that your brain is ever churning to create that next best idea. Constantly thinking about the one idea that merges seamlessly with your brand.

The “Project 5” campaign is one after my own heart. I had always wondered if one clothing item could be interpreted several ways by different body types, sense of style and personalities.

Titled “Project 5”, my friends and I who are also bloggers and entrepreneurs

set out to find that one piece of clothing that we’d all like and that would flatter our different body types.

After an exhausting 3 hours of searching all stores, we came upon this jeans from HM. It was a collective agreement (of course we were tired of roaming the streets of Manhattan) but we were excited to to style this jeans as best as we could. We set off to combine this jeans with our personalities the only rule being “be your authentic self”.

Stepping out of the proverbial box was encouraged and I must say I was well impressed.

There was color, message, boho style and avant-garde and I couldn’t be more excited to do this project with these ladies. This project hit home for all of us because we wanted the message to be gotten loud and clear. There is no right nor wrong way to fashion, everyone has their own style and it is unique and beautiful. https://mimiblaque.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/renderedcontent-540a7e66-2b11-441b-9ece-177e5bd38f0f.mov

How would you have interpreted this look.

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