What to wear to Rosé Mansion

I feel like l blinked and Summer is almost over so I decided to make use of this sunny time to have maximum fun!!!

As a New Yorker, one of the places to visit is the Rosé Mansion which opens for four months starting from July – October. It’s the perfect instagramable place for millennials and older visitors alike. Rosé Mansion caters to everyone with its varying rooms saturated with different cultures and eras and yes wine. However, It’s not all fun as each room’s guide teaches you a little something about how each wine is made matching the exact mood of said room.

Determining what day to go

Personally, the best time to go is during the week. There’s just a handful of people so you can actually enjoy the rooms and take pictures without feeling rushed.

What to wear

In my experience, it’s the outfit choices that make us more anxious than the event itself. While you won’t want to look unkempt, dressing up in your highest heels wouldn’t be the better option either (unless that’s your preference). Choose something with a solid color as most of the decor has prints and stripes and images and you wouldn’t want your pictures to look overwhelming.

What not to wear

There are no rules for what to wear to a 2 storey building of fun and wine however there are some “unwritten rules”.

Do not wear a lot of makeup: Albeit fun, the Rosé Mansion is a workout and one can get hot and sweaty.

Avoid White: Obvious right?? Wrong!!! White is the wrongest color to wear. Even though it photographs beautifully, white as we know it, can get dirty fast and Rosé Mansion is a place to kick back and be a kid again not worry about stains.

Say no to tight clothes: Again, this place is all fun and play. Tight, sexy clothes might not really be your best bet as you are jumping around birthday cake props and falling into balls pit.

Conclusively, even though you might end your tour all sweaty and clammy, be guaranteed that you will be laughing too. You also get a cute souvenir.

Have fun guys!!!



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