Suited Up…

We all know that person that wears suits well infact almost too well that makes us green with envy. Well, rocking a suit isn’t as hard as we think it is infact, it’s in all the details, the print, the cut, the silhouette to make you look refined, sharp and also sophisticated.

I love a good suit and I am always looking for one that suits my lifestyle and aesthetic.

Here are a few tips to getting that perfect suit look.


Although the trend now is the oversized look, if you are just trying this look for the first time, it’s best you get one tailored to your frame. Feeling confident in your attire is priority and wearing the right fit is a confidence booster.


So you have the perfect/right suit but what about the rest of your look? I often prefer using hats and shoes to tie my look together… Your accessories can either make your look dressed up or dressed down hence, it’s important that you take your accessories seriously.

Note: Don’t skimp on your accessories so you don’t cheapen your look.

Conclusively, the key to owning your suit is making your look effortless. Also, don’t forget to have fun owning your look.

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